Q: What is the BrantSteele Simulator?

A: The BrantSteele simulator allows users to not only play through seasons of their favourite shows with contestants and characters from a wide range of casts, but it also gives power to the user by handing them the ability to manipulate various attritubes, settings, and even create their own characters with unique statistics. On the simulators, there are several modes to use, from a standard simulation using the cast of the particular season, all the way to personal mode, where you can make the season completely unique from any other. Soon, the new interactive mode will allow you to play the game! You can even save/load your seasons and characters for any purpose.


Q: What are some of the simulator’s features and how do they work?

A: Standard Mode – In Standard Mode, you can play as the typical cast from that particular season. This is the default selection.

Custom Mode – In Custom Mode, you can select the cast for the season from a list of players in other shows that are added.

Personal Mode – In Personal Mode, you can use your own player names and photos for the most personalized simulation yet. You can simulate your own cast as long as you have the URL of your image. These usually begin with http:// and end with an extension like .jpg, .gif, or .png. If you don’t have images, you can use selections from the shows we have added and adjust just their names. Avatars can be 90×90 pixels while the logo images display at 115×175 pixels. If your images don’t match these sizes, they will be stretched or shrunk so distortion could occur.

Random Mode – In Random Mode, the simulator will pick the cast of the season for you. These can include players from the shows if you choose. An even number of male and female contestants will be selected with no duplicates being included. New filters are regularly being added such as if you want to have an all female or an all male season.

Interactive Mode/Style – With this option, you can actually participate in the season. Interactive simulation is currently available for Big Brother 1 Revamp and is coming to future seasons and templates of Big Brother in the future.

Weekly Changing Relationships – There are different styles of simulations depending on how much input you want to have in a season. You may simply let the simulator decide everything from the start to the end of the season. However if you want to impact decision, then you can use the weekly changing option, available right now for many different shows, to adjust attributes each week. You may have to click “Proceed” or you’ll be stuck with weekly changing settings since the simulator won’t advance until you confirm you are content with the current options.

Attributes – For much of Big Brother and Survivor, relationships and challenge skills are the core components for getting safety in the game. You can edit these at the start of a season. To edit relationships, go through each player under Edit ‘Relationships’ and set their bond with the rest of the players. New attributes like alliances and competition statistics are being added.

Saving/Loading – All of the Original Big Brother seasons and the Survivor Revamp seasons use basic saving where any users can “Save” their season at any time. A link with the code will be given. The link can be used to access the season anywhere. If a user wants to keep the season code instead, they can go to “Load” and then enter the code for his or her saved season to appear. The Big Brother Revamp is testing a new form of account saving that may be the future way saving works on the BrantSteele.


Q: What is the difference between “regular” and “revamped” seasons?

A: The first simulator on BrantSteele was a Survivor Simulator with very basic code and functions. These seasons are known as the “Original” Survivor seasons. All of the vote outcomes and events throughout the game are entirely random. Events such as the vote from one round have no impact on the votes for the next round.

Once all of the Survivor seasons were complete, a Big Brother Simulator was designed with a relationship system and more intelligent decision making. It also contains an option to Save and Load seasons. These seasons are now known as the “Original” Big Brother seasons.

The Survivor Revamp is an effort to add relationships, strategic ability, and other factors into Survivor to make it less random and more like a season of the show with logical decision making. This includes many features from the Big Brother Simulator, such as the basic saving option. There will be different options that users can enable or disable depending on what type of season they prefer simulating. An experimental “Player Rasoning” option is also available.

Since the Big Brother Simulator was initially more complex than the Survivor Simulator, the Big Brother Revamp is the next generation in complexity. There will be an Interactive Style of simulation where users can play as themselves. Player Reasoning will occur in the form of speeches. Flexible templates will be designed where you can enable and disable different options. The ultimate product is an attempt to give users the actual feel of being inside the Big Brother house during a season of the show. Additionally, account saving is being tested with this for characters, seasons, and events.

The goal for BrantSteele is to have all of the “Revamp” seasons replace the “Original” seasons. Once this occurs, Big Brother and Survivor will still continue to be improved in future revamps which will be called something different.


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