Code of Conduct

If any of the the following rules are violated, action will be taken, ranging from warnings and deleting comments, all the way to the deletion, suspension, or banning of accounts and IP addresses:

1) Respect all staff and all users. There’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism as we constantly look for your feedback to try and improve, but there’s a difference between this and attacking users/admins on the site. We want this to be an environment that anyone can enjoy.

2) Do not SPAM. This is mainly for unrelated advertisements being made in posts, but it is also for comments that are unrelated to the blog/main comment’s topic.

3) Do not impersonate the staff (or anyone for that matter). Our staff currently consists of Brant and Jacob. In order to show who is really staff, blue [Admin] text will be displayed beside every staff member’s comments. Whether a user is registered or a guest is also displayed.

4) Only create one account per user. [Important!] If you start creating multiple accounts, we will detect this and remove any new ones that you create, so it’s not worth it. If you have any issues with your account, please contact us and we’ll make every effort to resolve these issues for you. If you have a special circumstance such as multiple family members/roommates per household, then please inform us so we can make an exception. Also, please let us know if you forgot your password and need a new one. We’re happy to assist. We just don’t want users having unfair opportunities in special site events and with features.

Our specific procedure is to delete all accounts but the original under the 1st offense. If the problem persists, we will consider deleting all accounts under the IP. If the violations continue, more severe actions will be taken.

In short, message us if you need/want to make another account for any reason, we will delete new accounts made under identical IP Addresses if there is not already something in place.

5) Please use appropriate content in all posts, images and avatars, and all other simulator content. Your posts and material should not contain inappropriate content such as overtly sexual images or text, hate messages or text, excessive profanity, or anything illegal. This is self-explanatory, but please do not test the limit to see how much we allow. If you are even wondering, it is probably too much. If you violate these rules, you may lose the ability to access the blog and save simulator seasons.


Punishments will almost always be given without warning, but you are permitted to ask for the reason behind your punishment.


We reserve to the right to change, add, or remove rules at any time in response to certain actions. If any questionable action occurs that causes us to add/change a new rule, then we may take action on the violater depending on the level of severity.


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