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Upcoming Downtime Notice

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There will be maintenance to the server on Thursday between the hours of 3AM and 5AM EST. This could also be considered late Wednesday night depending on interpretation of time. The maintenance will affect the Big Brother, Hunger Games, and Survivor Simulators.

Expect brief downtime, which will reset all active simulations at the time. There will also be a potentially longer period of time where loading and saving seasons will be unavailable.

This maintenance is being made to improve the performance of the server. If it does cause new issues, these will be resolved during the day on Thursday.

Update: Maintenance for is complete. Please report any issues you see after the changes.


BrantSteele Participation

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Commenting is closed.

If you would like to be removed, simply say so in the comments.


Survivor 31 Poll Results!

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Last week, following the announcement of Survivor: Second Chance, we posted a blog with our own poll to see who users wanted in the upcoming season. As well, we wanted to see if the results would give us any insight on who will ultimately be chosen and how the final cast matches up with our own.

In total, we received 8,171 votes; 4,337 for the female potentials and 3,834 for the males potentials. Keep in mind that each user had a maximum of ten votes in each poll.

Continue reading for the full results!

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Survivor 31 Poll!

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Cast photos for all thirty-two potential contestants have been added to the simulator!

It was announced at the end of the latest episode of Survivor that next seasons cast will be handpicked by viewers from a pool of sixteen men and sixteen women! Continue reading for more, but be warned; There are possible spoilers for the current season.

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For those who watched the latest episode of Survivor or follow @theshirin, you may know what this is about. During the course of Survivor 30, there have been… questionable moments, to put it lightly. Whatever your opinion may be on the subject, it seemed to reach an all-time high on Wednesday night.

Roughly a day after the airing of Episode 10, Shirin went to twitter to say this:

Proud to be part of a show that doesn’t sweep real issues under the rug. Hope you are inspired to #RaiseYourHand against bullying & abuse

She also made an offer:

For every act of misogyny this season I will donate $100 to the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Relying on fans to help me count.

Shortly after, Ryan Palmer, a.k.a. @ryanteddypalmer, posted this image:

If you want to help raise awareness, spread the word using the #RaiseYourHand hashtag. If you want to learn more, or even donate, go to the NNEDV (National Network to End Domestic Violence) website at

Watch out tomorrow for the next post of the Prediction Game. Have a good day.




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Do not open this blog post unless you are okay with being spoiled about the first episode of Big Brother Canada Season 3.

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Cast Photo & Simple Simulator Polls!

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The polls will run for approximately a week and be stickied to the top of the site. There is no limit on how many options you vote for in each poll, but you can only submit once, so make sure you select everything you want before submitting your vote.

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2015 New Weekly Routine

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A decision was made based on the last user survey provide a regular routine of updates each week. For the start of the new year, this is being put into effect.

Sunday: The week will start with a summary of all updates made during the week and highlight what’s to come. This will be posted around 10:00 PM EST so that users don’t have to stay up as long waiting. Monday and Tuesday will usually be kept free of blog posts to give users more time to view and respond to the Sunday post. Any updates to the Sunday post will either appear as bolded edits or additional posts on Monday or Tuesday if deemed necessary for organizational purposes.

Wednesday: The new day for weekly cast photos will be Wednesday. This helps separate cast photo days from the Sunday updates to allow more emphasis and time to be spent on both. The focus is still on reality shows, most preferably those from the previous survey, but there will be a new survey posted once more of the top shows from the original survey are completed. Before the new survey is created, we’ll make a post specifically asking for show suggestions.

Thursday: Each Thursday, new Hunger Games events will be added from the previous week. There will be more news tomorrow on the state of the Hunger Games Simulator and event submission.

In addition, this Thursday will be the official start of a new bug fix day to help improve the overall quality of the simulator by giving users a specific blog to post bugs in comments. This past week, a Trello list was created with all the bugs; some of these have already been corrected. Sometime around 5:00 PM EST this Thursday (January 8th), a blog post will be created listing the bugs fixed and bugs-left-to-be-fixed while the comments will be open for reporting bugs that we’ve missed. An experimental live chat will be tested for a limited time on Thursday to see if this one-one-one discussion will help identify bugs quicker.

Friday: On Friday, there will be a post highlighting the top voted Survivor season and Big Brother season from the new BrantSteele SubReddit. There will also be a special mention for one other Survivor season and one other Big Brother season.

Saturday: Saturday will be the new standard for when you can expect results from Prediction Games if any are occurring. Along with these results, there will be a discussion in the comments for what you think about these seasons.

Although we hope to maintain this schedule, delays are still possible. We’ll do our best to inform you if this is the case.

Because this schedule is long enough for a post, there will be a Monday Update with news on all three of the shows this week, which will be posted by 10:00 PM EST.


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