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On the second poll of 2017, it was fairly close between the top two results, but develop more sophisticated versions of existing simulators led with 44% of the votes. Completing the rest of the seasons of Total Drama and The Challenge was not far behind with 39% of the votes. The poll options were too general, so a third poll was created to gauge interest between more specific options. On the new poll, the customizable/interactive Survivor template was the clear favorite with 49% of the vote over 24% of the vote for the rest of the Total Drama seasons.

Based on these new results, a fourth poll has been created. Along with regular Big Brother and Survivor simulator releases, would you approve a February to July schedule focusing primarily on a customizable/interactive Survivor Template along with the rest of the Total Drama seasons?

January would consist of finalizing Survivor 33 and The Duel, releasing Big Brother Over The Top and Australian Survivor 2016, and touching up The Big Brother Future Templates and Hunger Games Simulator. Additionally more internal reorganization would be done in an effort to best utilize the efforts of volunteers to have more timely releases. There would be at least one demo of the Survivor Template each month with the Total Drama seasons being released as each one would be completed.

Please post your thoughts here on that hypothetical schedule. Deciding future plans isn’t as simple as picking the top result of a poll, but it is all factored into account. Your feedback is appreciated.

The next version of the new Survivor algorithm will be posted tonight in the Survivor 33 simulator, but it may be late. This weekend, the Volunteer Applications sent so far will be reviewed, and responses will be sent with follow-up questions.

4 Comments to “New 2017 Plan Poll”

  • BBOTT Stan [Guest] January 6, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    Does the interactive option mean BBOTT will be made interactive as well? That’s the only reason I voted for that option but I guess I should’ve asked first.

    • Profile photo of Brant
      Brant [Admin] January 6, 2017 at 11:53 pm

      BBOTT will likely be interactive, meaning audience decisions, like the show.

  • Cake [Guest] January 6, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    How do you choose who returns in the Total Drama simulator? I need to know.


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