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Happy New Year!

I added the BrantSteele Survivor Simulator Blog in August 2013 to better gather feedback from users. Because of this user feedback, The Big Brother Simulator was created and the simulators and community features have expanded far beyond anything I ever expected. 2016 was a challenging year spent creating a new architecture for future simulators on BrantSteele.com to help improve efficiency and cut costs, and it was a far slower year than anyone would have liked. Although all user contact messages and Blog comments were read, most of them had to be ignored because there was not time to respond or take action or there were other plans in place.

My goal for 2017 is to put the future of BrantSteele largely back into the hands of users and find ways to add the community and simulator features that are most desired, within reasonable scope. The only way this will be possible is with the help of volunteers in a wide variety of categories including CSS & HTML Specialists, Image Editors, Programmers, Reality TV Experts, Researchers & Organizers, and Writers and Translators. A volunteer does not immediately assume a staff position, but he or she could eventually. Volunteers will not be paid, since the BrantSteele simulators and community features do not make any form of money. If you understand the conditions and are interested in applying, please send a message using the Contact Form with the subject Volunteer Application. Make sure to include what position(s) you are interested in, your BrantSteele Blog or Subreddit usernames if you have them, and samples of your skills. Volunteer applications will be closed at some point in January, and follow-up messages will be sent. I also greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time to apply. Update: Volunteer applications are now closed and are being reviewed.

Since it’s taking so long, I will touch up and release what is currently done on the The Challenge: The Duel simulator on Tuesday night. The second version of the algorithm and display is very close to being finished for the Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X simulator as well. Until a team of testers is in place, simulators will be released in demo forms for the near future and gradually touched up afterwards.

Current plans for January include these two simulators, along with likely designing and releasing Australian Survivor 2016 and Big Brother: Over The Top. Which one do you want to see first? Answer the poll here, which will be the first of many surveys throughout the month.

Comments are currently closed but will open on Tuesday with the demo of The Duel simulator.

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